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Tattoo Waxing

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Introducing: Cirépil by Perron Rigot — Boudoir Hard Wax

A gentle and effective wax with a hypoallergenic, rosin-free formula that has been specially formulated for clients with tattoos.

The benefits of the boudoir hard wax:

  • Exfoliate, hydrate and brighten the tattoo
  • Waxing with Boudoir will maintain the longevity of the tattoo
  • Ideal for tattoo prep
  • Ideal for sensitive and fragile skin
  • Brighten dull tattoos
  • Creamy and pearly texture
  • Light fragrance without allergens

Why should you wax before getting a tattoo? Tattoo artists shave the area before tattooing; shaving it causes the hair to grow back within days, causing stubble and the skin may be bumpy and itchy.

With Boudoir wax the hair doesn’t grow back for several weeks, giving the skin more time to heal after the tattoo. There isn’t any pain or discomfort.

It’s ideal to wax after the tattoo heals because the exfoliation and hydration help maintain a tattoo.