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Hair Smoothing – Brocato’s Supersilk

straightening-brocatoFinally, a versatile smooth-to-straight solution that leaves hair in better condition than before. I developed the Brocato Supersilk system as a formaldehyde-free alternative to yesterday’s keratin straighteners. Based on a sophisticated mix of science and nature, this safe and sustainable system unlocks the secrets to smooth, sleek hair.” – Sam Brocato


A revolution in Texture Control

Experience the next generation of sleek. Brocato’s Supersilk tames frizz, reduces unwanted volume, strengthens and controls unmanageable hair. The Nano Silk Complex takes texture management beyond keratin formulas of the past and is today’s answer for smooth, sleek hair.


Here’s how it works:

• Silk protein has exceptional adhesive qualities that penetrate and bind with the hair shaft.

• The acidic nature of the protein compresses the hair while a nano particle (1 billionth of a particle) delivers the Nano Silk Complex deep into the shaft to fill in areas of weakness and fortify compromised tresses.

• In one last hair-perfecting step, Supersilk seals the cuticle to lock in strength and seal in moisture.

• Flat ironing further reinforces the hair by sealing the protein into the cuticle. Hair becomes sleek, controlled, resilient, and reveals its most optimal, healthy condition.


Prices start at $100


Mighty Multi-Tasker

From frizzy and flyaway to coarse and curly hair, Brocato Supersilk’s multi-tasking formula:

• Is 100% free of formaldehyde

• Can be used on hair in any condition

• Reduces out-of-control volume

• Repairs damage

• Industry first, spray-on application

• Improves manageability

• Reduces drying time up to 60%