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Brow & Lash Styling

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Match your brows and lashes with your own unique and creative style — they’re just as important as your hair colour.

Your creative look can be perfected with eclectica Hair Design & Spa’s lash and brow services, where we now offer RefectoCil — from extravagant to natural, tailor-made brow and lash styling perfects every look. Our certified “Browistas by RefectoCil” know how to style brows and lashes according to face shape, hair and skin colour and personal style.

Shape and colour last up to six weeks. They RefectoCil brows and lashes are also naturally smudge and waterproof.

Regular Eyebrow Shaping

RefectoCil Eyelash Lift
Starting at $90

RefectoCil Eyelash Tint

RefectoCil Eyelash Lifting & Colour Package

RefectoCil Eyelash Lifting, Balm, Styling Gel & Colour Package

To help maintain your lash treatments, we also offer the following RefectoCil retail products:

RefectoCil Care Balm
Over night vitamins and plant oils strengthen the hair making it healthy, shiny and less brittle. Additionally, castor oil supports natural lash and brow growth.

RefectoCil Styling Gel
This unique colour protect formula shields the lashes and brows so they appear freshly tinted for a longer time. D-Panthenol binds moisture and provides shine. In addition, unruly hair is fixed in the desired position.

RefectoCil Brow & Lash Booster
For up to 56% longer lashes as well as thicker and broader brows with fewer gaps! This formula with natural active substances prolongs the growth phase in the hair roots and thereby supports the hair to become significantly longer and thicker.

All of our lash and brow products are dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested and are free from synthetic hormones, prostamid and perfume.

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