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CND Shellac Luxe

cnd shellac luxe nails mississaugaIntroducing CND Shallac Luxe — the future of gel polish. Now available at eclectica Hair Design & Spa.

It’s a high-gloss shine for 14+ days!

The only 2-step gel polish system that can be removed in 60 seconds, with no nail damage and leaves them looking healthy after removal.

What It Does

  • Self-adhering colour coat eliminates base coat need
  • Top coat provides colour coat with protective shield and luminous shine
  • Unique oligomers deliver superior adhesion and strength
  • Unique micropores allow remover to penetrate quickly, ready to remove in 60 seconds

cnd shellac luxe nails mississauga


What is the wearability of CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™?
CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ will provide 14+ day wear.

How does the strength of original CND™ SHELLAC™ Gel Polish compare to CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ Gel Polish?
Original CND™ SHELLAC™ is stronger, and perfect for nails that are normal to weak. CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ is a softer coating, and perfect for lift-prone or normal-to-hard natural nails.

How does CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ remove 10x faster than other leading gel polish brands?
In competitive product testing, CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ removes 10x faster due to its unique chemistry plus open cross-link structure, which allows the remover to travel faster – all the way down to the natural nail – to release the Color Coat.

Does CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ get harder with time (like VINYLUX™ Long Wear Polish)?Yes, CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ will become tougher with time as the cure becomes fully complete.

What does micropore coating mean?
Micropores refer to the tunnels left behind when the solvents evaporate from the Color Coat and Top Coat during curing in the CND™ LED Lamp. During removal these micropores, plus the open cross-link structure, provide a pathway for the remover to travel through as it breaks down the coating and loosens the self-adhering Color Coat from the nail.